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My Bio

Alisa is a second-year Master of Social Work student at Ohio State University, starting her work in clinical practice. She previously worked as a research analyst intern and then as an outreach case worker with an anti-trafficking organization. Currently, she serves as the Assistant Program Manager for her local Victim Services unit. In her work she has walked alongside individuals with lived experiences of grief, addiction, mental health, homelessness, intimate partner violence, and assault.

Alisa Presakarchuk, SWT
Student Intern

About Me

Client Focus & Specializations
Alisa studies clinical social work with an emphasis in mental health and substance misuse; and has a special interest in working with individuals struggling with addiction and substance misuse. She operates from a trauma-informed, person-in-environment lens, believing that our environment, both past and present, have the ability to influence our current circumstances and well being. She takes a collaborative approach, empowering you to discover and live out your inherent strengths, talents, and resilience as you pursue wholeness. She believes that healing happens in community, and if invited by you, would love to come alongside you on your journey of healing.

Alisa utilizes the following evidence-based therapeutic modalities:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Strengths-Based

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Learn more about each treatment modality here​.

Offering Virtual Therapy Sessions



I am excited to work with you.  Contact me today.

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