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Upcoming Events

We strive to offer events and services that helps clients and other providers within the mental health community.  See below to see what we have upcoming for the community.

Wooden Furnitures

Business Networking Event

Ohio Providers come join us in June (Date TBD) for our business networking event.


Held Virtually so you can join from anywhere.


Open to any provider or referral sources who assist with linking and serving individuals with mental health


  • Check in and Welcome

  • Sent to breakout rooms

  • Back to main room and back into break out rooms 3-4 times. 

Each break out room will consist of small groups of 3-4 individuals to allow for a greater networking experience. If you cannot stay the full time, feel free to hop of when you need to.

When you register for the event you will need to upload a flyer/handout that covers any necessary information about the agency, practice, facility, etc. that you are representing.  Upon completion of the event, all attendees will receive a copy of everyone else's marketing material, even if you were unable to network with them directly.

All events will be held at from 1:00 PM -2:00 PM EST Virtually

Recommended Trainings and Events

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Star Behavioral Health Providers 

Gain the necessary knowledge and training to treat military personnel and their family from understanding deployment cycles, general challenges faced, substance use disorders, sleep issues, PTSD and a variety of treatment modalities. 

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