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Krista Kavalauskas, MIM

Virtual Assistant

My Story

Krista Kavalauskas graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor's in International Studies with Minors in Educational Services and German. During her undergraduate studies, Krista studied abroad in the United Kingdom and Austria, learning about various cultures, politics, macro and microeconomics, trade, and intercultural communication. After obtaining her Bachelor's degree, Krista worked in the Consumer-Packaged Goods industry specializing in Digital Campaign Management for brands and retailers, nationally and globally.

Krista completed her Master's degree from Colorado State University in International Management, specializing in Human Resource Management. Her studies have led her to pursue her passion for working and helping people in the field of Behavioral Health throughout the United States.

During her free time, Krista enjoys the company of her friends, family, and her two cats. She enjoys landscape photography and traveling across the globe.

Krista Kavalauskas, MIM
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